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Home Office

Working from home has become more of a necessity during the past 2 years and may become the norm from now on.  A workspace at home needn’t be sited in a cramped corner of an unused bedroom or dining room. It should be well designed and as comfortable as any other area in your house. A home workspace can be used for so many more tasks than just simply office work.

  • We specialise in designing to the specific needs of a person working full time at home.

  • Scholars from age 6 upwards can benefit from having a desk for themselves.

  • A workspace can be designed specifically for hobbies such as artwork, sewing or model making.

  • Home offices can be organised so that two people can work either in unison or separately.

  • A home office can be designed to double as an overflow bedroom for guests.

  • It can also be designed as a den or sanctuary and include a TV for watching preferred programmes.

The examples in the video above and the images below represent a few ideas of what can be achieved in a small, medium or large space...from an alcove, a spare box room or unused attic space to a bedroom vacated by grown up children.


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